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Simfolio is how thousands of investors are seeing into their financial future.

Forecast my net worth Forecast your net worth

Retirement planning Retirement visualisation

Tailored investment insights Tailored investment insights

Interact with community Interact with community

Multi currency support Multi-currency support

Set financial goals Set financial goals

Track and forecast my net worth | Simfolio | App Preview
Set financial goals | Simfolio | App Preview

For the smart future-thinking investor.

Bitcoin wallet support
Amazon stock
Easy equities
Vanguard ETF

Compare against benchmark performance.

Integrate with your favourite providers and stocks and get a view of how all of your accounts are performing against standard benchmarks.

For the things too important to leave to chance.

Thinking of that dream house? 🏠
Thinking of that dream holiday? 🧳
Thinking of early retirement? 🏖️

See your future net worth.

Get a bird's eye view of how your wealth will grow over time to help you plan for the important things in the future.

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Theodore R., July 2021

Just what I needed!

Awesome app. Love the design elements and how simple it is to use. Makes knowing the benefit of investing & compound interest so much easier.

Tasneem J., June 2021

Loving this!

It's actually mind boggling to see that you can actually reach your goals, even if the contributions seem modest at first!

Cameron P., July 2021

Brilliant App!

I used to struggle with visualising how my portfolio will grow, but Simfolio has changed my entire perspective. 10/10 recommend it to people trying financially plan ahead.

Cassandra D., June 2021

I love it!

Simple and powerful. Now I don't have to go to a bunch of separate website calculators and record it in a spreadsheet.

Courtney P., September 2021

Visual + Enlightening

This app is such an excellent visual tool for the power of compound interest and starting early. Love that it syncs with EasyEquities ⭐️

Shai U., July 2021

Super useful app

You can’t manage what you can’t measure - Simfolio is great to consolidate and visualise your portfolio 🚀


Simfolio is mostly free to use, but the paid version has super powers!



You can opt to use Simfolio for free forever! It's ad free and has some of great features from the premium version.

Up to 30 days historical balance trackingUp to 30 days historical balance tracking

Net worth forecasting and trackingNet worth forecasting and tracking

Set and manage goalsSet and manage goals



1 week free trial

Investment insights tailored to your portfolioInvestment insights tailored to your portfolio

Add and track ticker symbolsAdd and track ticker symbols

Compare against market benchmarksCompare against market benchmarks

Unlimited historical balance trackingUnlimited historical balance tracking

Net worth forecasting and trackingNet worth forecasting and tracking

Set and manage goalsSet and manage goals

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Personal finance shouldn't be difficult and inaccessible

I believe that access to tools that help people understand investments will make people wealthier and improve their lives.

Hi, I'm Wisani, the founder of Simfolio.

Through my experience in the financial industry, I have come to realise that keeping on top of personal finances requires a lot of time, understanding and patience.

With the continual addition of new regulations, the surfacing of new investment vehicles and the wave of social media "financial advisers" - personal finance certainly isn't getting any easier!

I'm building Simfolio to give people the tools that will help them make better financial decisions on their own. My hope is that everyone will be wealthier and happier for it.

It's not easy, but it's a mission I care deeply for. If you have any ideas, questions, or feedback - please get in touch with me, I would love to hear from you!

- @wisanishilumani

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